A Reality Beyond Our Reality

The Bible makes it very clear to us that there are bigger realities beyond our reality. In fact, the impression given in scriptures is that our civilisation is just an indulgent apostrophe of God’s creativity. What is man that you pay attention to him, David asked. He asked this question as he pondered the heavens. Cosmologists tell us there are over 400 billion galaxies out there. (Galaxies, not planets!) What is man indeed!

There is a civilisation beyond our dimension. It is actually a kingdom – The Kingdom of God. It is huge! It is Earth’s colonial authority and master civilisation. It controls the oracle of human history. While some of us have faint knowledge of the reality of this civilization, some people have physically interacted with it. Through the course of his life a gentleman named Daniel received regular intel from this dimension, as well as dossiers. And he physically interacted with emissaries from the Kingdom. One of such was a scary experience for him. In fact on that particular occasion, his friends took off! And all they experienced was just a presence! Let’s hear Daniel recount his experience – Daniel 10:4-6 MSG. (The scene took place in Babylon – modern Iraq):

“On the twenty-fourth day of the first month, I was standing on the bank of the great river, the Tigris. I looked up and to my surprise saw a man dressed in linen with a belt of pure gold around his waist. His body was hard and glistening, as if sculpted from a precious stone, his face radiant, his eyes bright and penetrating like torches, his arms and feet glistening like polished bronze, and his voice, deep and resonant, sounded like a huge choir of voices.” You can understand why Daniel’s friends took off! This was an alien, the stuff of movies now a reality! You probably would too! Just imagine a gargantuan being with laser beams for eyes appearing in your bedroom! “The men who were with me, although they didn’t see it, were overcome with fear and ran off and hid, fearing the worst. Left alone after the appearance, abandoned by my friends, I went weak in the knees, the blood drained from my face.”

Clearly, this being, an angel actually, has the power of selective manifestation – a capacity. He made himself visible to Daniel but invisible to his friends: “I, Daniel, was the only one to see this.” This was not a dream. This was not a vision. Daniel wasn’t caught up in a trance. This was physical reality. In fact the “man” touched Daniel and pulled him to his hands and knees, he having gone flat on his face. Then the “alien” began to share the experience of his journey with Daniel. He had come from way beyond out there. They spoke (Means angels have multilingual capacity). Listen to him: “From the moment you decided to humble yourself to receive understanding, your prayer was heard” the angel said. “And I set out to come to you. But I was waylaid by the angel – prince of the kingdom of Persia, and was delayed for a good three weeks. But then Michael, one of the chief angel-princes, intervened to help me. I left him there with the prince of the kingdom of Persia.”

We can also see that angels can relate to the human calendar. He spoke of being delayed “for a good three weeks”. But we’re confronted with another strange reality from this passage. There IS a second kingdom out there apart from the Kingdom of God. It is actually Satan’s kingdom. It exists between Heaven and Earth. The angel had to pass through to get to Earth. It has a political geography that overlays the political geography of Planet Earth. Satan has political interest in the Earth. He seeks to control the Earth and its governments. There was a human King of Persia on earth. But we also see a Prince of Persia, up there. It was this Prince that organised forces and waylaid the angel emissary from God. In essence, Satan created a political control structure specific to nations on Earth. There is a shadow government up there. It is therefore conceivable today that there is a Prince of Nigeria, Prince of America, Prince of Britain, Iraq etc.

Government is a spiritual reality whether we acknowledge so or not. Politics has spiritual dimensions. Paul called these princes of Satan Principalities. They seek control of Earth’s political kingdoms. And so there are contending forces exerting influence over the nations and governments of the Earth. Our politics and governments are influenced by external forces – alien forces.

From this passage, we also see the capacity of prayer. What a potent capacity! When we pray, we are actually summoning help from another dimension. Prayer seeks to influence and determine outcomes on Earth through the aid of extra terrestrial powers. What the Book of Daniel has essentially done is show us some of the things that go on behind the scenes. This emissary was delayed for 21 days by the Prince of Persia. Would have been longer without reinforcement.

Daniel’s prayer was answered immediately, we’re told but the answer didn’t arrive for 3 weeks. We must therefore separate answer to prayer from delivery of answer. When we pray God answers us the Bible says. But unless we gain access to what’s going on behind the scenes we will not have insight into the answer delivery process. Therefore when we pray, we must be steadfast in faith holding on to the promise of God. He answers prayers! That we don’t see immediate answers doesn’t mean there was no immediate answer.

Answer is separate from delivery. When we order online, our orders are processed immediately but sometimes delivery takes days. Sometimes the package is delayed. Delay of delivery doesn’t cancel our order. There may just be a logistical snafus. It’s the same thing with prayers. You must hold on in prayer and keep thanking God for what you asked for. If need be, wrestle in prayer until the answer comes through.

There is a reality beyond our reality. There are kingdoms processing us and interacting with our goings on, on Earth. We can’t see these things because of our dimensional limitations but God can open our eyes. Then and only then can we see the context of our existence on Earth.

Please pray this prayer: Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I humble myself before you. Open my eyes O God! Save me by the blood of your Son Jesus Christ. I receive him today as my Lord and my Saviour. Amen! Now please go to church. There you will learn how to use prayer to summon help from beyond the stars. God bless!

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