God reigns in the affairs of men

We continue our discourse on governmentalism. God reigns in the affairs of men the Bible says (Daniel 4:17). He’s Lord of even godless nations (Psalm 47:8 MSG). In other words, God allows men to determine what form of government they desire, some by referendum. And he’ll abide by the determination even if it constitutionally crowds Read more about God reigns in the affairs of men[…]

The visible and invisible reality

There are two sets of realities, the Bible says. Two dimensions, one incorporated into the other. (Collosians1:16). One dimension is visible, the other invisible. Both are connected. Indeed the visible realm was seeded by the invisible. (Hebrews11:3). The visible reality is our known physical world. The invisible reality is what is called the spirit realm. The Read more about The visible and invisible reality[…]