The Christmas Strategic Plan

There’s just something murderous about the Herodian dynasty. What a family! These guys were from the line of Idumean rulers in the days of the Roman Empire. Of note is Herod the Great. What a horrible man! Would do anything to maintain power. Herod was cunning and deceitful, a psychopathic mass murderer. Since Jesus was Read more about The Christmas Strategic Plan[…]

Unintelligent Christianity

There are two dangerous cultural memes we must be mindful of in Christendom. We must be wary of a prejudicial spirit, and we must be wary of a lack of diligent approach to scriptures. A prejudicial spirit cannot preach the gospel of love and compassion. A bigoted spirit cannot preach reconciliation. When our understanding of Read more about Unintelligent Christianity[…]


Antinomianism is a big word, but it’s a word you should get acquainted with. The word antinomianism comes from two Greek words: anti meaning “against”; nomos meaning “law”. Antinomianism essentially means “against the law”. Theologically, antinomianism refers to belief in the misapplication of the doctrine of grace for licentiousness. A licentious person lacks legal or Read more about Antinomianism[…]

An Incomplete Gospel

The Church has sometimes preached an incomplete gospel whose flavour is saccharine delight. We have concentrated on preaching the blessings of God, which is all well and good… But that is not the full gospel. Christianity is not just about blessings. There are non-sugary aspects of faith. An imbalanced theology cannot reconcile the totality of Read more about An Incomplete Gospel[…]