The Marriage Issue (Part 8): Submission

Last week we looked at a man’s primary responsibility in marriage – sacrificial love. The sacrificial love defines everything in the marriage. It defines responsibility, counters selfishness. We found instruction on the man’s role in marriage in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. In that letter, Paul details the mechanical engineering of marriage. (Genesis gives us[…]

The Marriage Issue (Part 7): The Love of a Man

Our modern rules of culture invariably intersect with the logic of the word of God. There’s always a raison d’être behind God’s injunctions. Everything is purposed, God is not random. And God deals in eternal principles. We deal in temporal realities. The things we ordinarily take for granted tend to have great significance and attract[…]

The Marriage Issue (Part 6): How Marriage Works

The Book of Genesis provides us foundational studies on the institution of marriage. It is the conceptual framework of the most fundamental institution on earth today. Marriage is.   However, the MECHANICS of the marital institution and its elucidation are found in the writings of Apostle Paul. Paul wrote so much about love and marriage.[…]