Business Development (Part 2): The Kingdom and the Virgins

Today we’re going to start with God’s economic ideology. God administrates a political kingdom and this kingdom has an economic ideology, just like our political systems. In a communist system for example property rights are vested in the State. The State controls the means of production. But in a capitalist system the individual has property[…]

Business Development (Part 1): Idols of the Mind

[This is a business development series]   If you don’t sort out your thinking and philosophy, ruinous mental processes will hold you down in business. You’ve got to free your imagination. Faith cannot function without imagination. There are three religious idols that militate against attainment in business: the idol of religiosity, the idol of a[…]

What Does It Mean To Be A Castaway?

What makes Christianity unique relative to other religions of the world is the agency of Jesus Christ. Everything the Christian has comes THROUGH JESUS. “IN HIM (Jesus) we have redemption – deliverance and salvation THROUGH HIS BLOOD, the remission, forgiveness of our offences, shortcomings and trespasses, in accordance with the riches and the generosity of[…]