What If Jesus Had Turned Stone Into Bread?

The What if Imaginative Adventures in Faith (This question was submitted by Olubukola Deborah Ashley)   It all actually began in Matthew chapter 3 when God declared the political status of Jesus. (Luke also reported the story). When Jesus was being baptized in the Jordan, the heavens opened and the Spirit of God descended on Read more about What If Jesus Had Turned Stone Into Bread?[…]

What If Eve Ate The Forbidden Fruit But Adam Didn’t?

What if Eve ate the forbidden fruit but Adam didn’t? Oh my! That would be a complicated family situation. Serious family drama. Imagine the nakedness situation. Eve would say she wants to go to the tailor, Adam would wonder why. He CAN’T get it. He has no consciousness of something called “nakedness.” Which would of Read more about What If Eve Ate The Forbidden Fruit But Adam Didn’t?[…]

Making Political Sense Of 2016

On Monday December 5, 2016, the fifth prime minister of Italy in 10 years tendered his resignation. It was consequent upon a big defeat in a referendum on constitutional changes. At 41, Matteo Renzi was Italy’s youngest-ever prime minister. Unfortunately, he staked his ministership on the referendum and the vote sent him out of office. Read more about Making Political Sense Of 2016[…]