Nigeria: A Little Bit Of History…

One of the most profound realities in scriptures is the fact God does generational batching. We discovered this very early on in scriptures. Those nettlesome Israelites, the slave era generation could not enter the Promised Land. They couldn’t imagine the future. They were thoroughly messed up by slavery, damaged psychologically. They focused on existential – all they wanted was survival. Staying alive was an achievement. Neither could they imagine themselves pioneer nationalists. It was a new generation that did, and those were born in the wilderness, which means they were under 40. The Israelites roamed the wilderness for 40 years. The older generation was wasted. […]

God Needs Your Personality

A Westerner attending a wedding or funeral party in Lagos, Nigeria might experience cultural shock seeing so many people in sameness of attire. It’s called “aso ebi”. It means you’re regarded as “family” for donning that “aso ebi” attire hence the name. There’s a consanguinity with the celebrating or bereaved family. These are not small parties. Not by any standard. These are huge parties. Guests can number a thousand. Wave after wave they come, one batch making way for another in endless feasting and merriment, with music supplied by two or more live bands. […]

The Gospel From Mushin

Mushin is a very high density area in Lagos, Nigeria. One thing generally acknowledged is that poverty is rife in Mushin. It has the typical challenge of very high density localities. Some neighbourhoods are rough. Perhaps if Jesus were alive today he’d have emerged from Mushin, or any other area not noted as zip code for people with affluence and wealth. […]

Jesus The Cosmopolitan

To see Hollywood portray Jesus, a character analyst will have to wonder which manuscript of the Bible they use. That’s not the Jesus in the Bible. They just put Bible text in his mouth. The movie version of Jesus seems to speak in monotonic cadence. And he looks like an ancient version of Rambo. There’s that stare! He just stares ahead, looks spaced out. […]