Destiny Part 1

RADICAL deals bluntly and frontally with questions about Christianity sent in by readers of Leke Alder’s #Illuminare blog. This is an intellectual exploration on the subject of destiny. It raises issues and challenges appertaining to the subject matter and looks at Biblical responses to the questions raised. Q: What Does The Bible Say About Destiny? One[…]

God’s Evangelical Vision For The Church

In the last two posts we discussed social, economic and political dimensions of God’s vision for the Church as well as Christians. Once again this post will challenge your perspective of Christianity. But hopefully move you to step into God’s vision for YOU. God had a grand evangelical vision for the Church. We call it[…]

The Political Dimension Of Christianity

Last week we began discussing dimensions of God’s vision for the Church and individual Christians. This week we’ll bear down on the political dimension of God’s grand vision and the implications for you as a Christian. Again, this week you’re going to have a paradigm shift of your perspective on Christianity. We noted last week[…]

The Dimensions Of God’s Vision

There are certain dimensions of the Christian faith that will change your worldview and how you see Christianity. This post will challenge your thinking, force you to unthink suppositions, and re-reason certain assumptions about Christianity. First, we need to get out of religion. Religiosity obfuscates truth about Christianity. Religion is man’s attempt to make meaning[…]

Marriage Nuggets

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It is God’s creation – the first human institution established by God. (Genesis 2:18-25) God’s plan for marriage mirrors Christ’s love and relationship with His bride, the Church. (Ephesians 5:22-33; Revelation 21:2,9) Marriage is supposed to be a life-long commitment. And if you desire to be married, you must plan[…]

Fulfilling Your Days

“Honour your father and mother.” (Ephesians 6:2) This commandment is at the heart of fulfilling your days quantitatively. In other words, if you want to live long, honour your mother and father. It’s the first commandment with promise. However, the qualitative dimension of fulfilling your days is much bigger than the quantitative dimension. Our foundational[…]

Business Development (Part 6): Public Relations

We continue our business development studies from where we left off last week. On week 4 we began the study on branding, examining the philosophical and conceptual framework of branding as a discipline. Last week we discussed creating a brand name and embedding a vision within your organization’s name. To read the previous posts from[…]

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