Remembrance IV: Prosperity

Modern Pentecostalism tends to equate prosperity with righteousness. That’s a shame really, and it’s not scripturally sound. A materialistic gospel is its own danger. God is not against the prosperity of his servants however, and we see copious references to this disposition in scriptures. As far back as 1,000 BC David had written, “Let them[…]

Marriage Divination

One of the most troubling aspects of Nigerian Christianity is the concept of marriage divination. It is now prevalent in Pentecostal circles, and this is what happens: A young man who has been dating a girl realises he needs to take the next step and so he approaches his pastor. The pastor promises to “look[…]

Marriage And Mercy

There are two knowledge dimensions to marriage: the dimension of the knowable and the dimension of the unknowable. For the dimension of the knowable you need wisdom. For the dimension of the unknowable you need God’s mercy. You cannot fully know someone. We always know in part. For the unknowable and unrevealed you need the[…]

Romance, Sex and Marriage

Contrary to what the religious mind might think marriage is not a Christian thing, it’s a humanity thing. Marriage was not instituted after Jesus rose from the dead it was instituted in the Garden of Eden. Because marriage is a humanity thing God recognises marriages that are not conducted in church. The marriage ceremony is[…]

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