Can A Christian Date?

The desire of the Church to differentiate herself from the world has led to creation of flyover sociologies. In pursuit of differentiation, the Church reassigned certain social terminologies and abrogated some, flying over certain stages of relationship and development. This is in doctrinal salute to scriptures like, “Do not love the world or the things[…]

Can A Christian Drink Alcohol Or Work In A Brewery?

Here’s the challenge some Christians have. They substitute the gospel of Jesus Christ with preachments of morality and temperance. Yet morality cannot save. It’s not the gospel. Righteousness is not the same as morality. That you’re moral doesn’t mean you’re righteous before God. There are moral atheists. And morality is contextual and relative. What is considered[…]

Is There Such A Thing As Eternal Salvation?

What makes Christianity so unique and so revolutionary is not just the concept of vicarious liability but the moral inversion of same. And this is not an outsider’s perspective. The Bible itself acknowledges it. It states in Romans 5:7 (MSG): “We can understand someone dying for a person worth dying for, and we can understand[…]

Why Are Christians So Cruel? The Emergence Of The Christian Sadist And A Call For Reflection

Let’s step back a bit… Let’s look at something away from ourselves. Suppose you know someone who’s constantly threatening people with arson, who enjoys putting fear in people, or is relentlessly accusatory. Every time someone suffers a misfortune he is gleeful. Of course there are many labels one could put on such a human but[…]

What Does God Say About Sex In Marriage?

Contrary to popularly held notions about God’s word, the Bible is actually not shy about discussing sex. Some imagine such a subject taboo to a holy God, which explains why many churches don’t talk about sex; or why they’re only broached in special conclaves like premarital counselling classes. Well, Paul wrote a letter containing instructions[…]

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