March 9, 2016


“For the time is coming and now is, that the Lord will raise a spiritually articulate and well-spoken generation. They will be fearless, have an understanding of the mysteries. They will marshal the truth of God’s word by the power of his Spirit, counter the cultural sophistry of the enemy. They will defend the faith with cogent fervency, stand against the bulwark of debilitating and pervasive ignorance prevalent in the body of Christ. They will own stalls in the market place, use the resources for the kingdom, unbidden. They will explore places unknown, spaces unknown. They will function with aplomb in two dimensions, challenge the status quo, insist the idols bow down to the authority and inerrancy of the Word. They will align this nation with the heavenly vision. This is what the Spirit of God is prognosticating.”

28 February, 2016