On Faith Part 10: Ninety-Nine Plus One

On Faith Part 10: Ninety-Nine Plus One

In the last few weeks, we’ve been treating the subject of faith. There are many dimensions to faith. In this article, we’re going to be looking at faith for venture and innovation. Happy reading. The Jewish society in the day of Jesus wasn’t much different from our society today. The elites were segmented. The first Read more about On Faith Part 10: Ninety-Nine Plus One[…]

On Faith Part 9: How Faith Works

On Faith Part 9: How Faith Works

So, here’s how the faith thing works. It’s like a machine. Think of a car engine with three gears or cogs that are all held together by a fan belt. That’s what the machinery looks like. The first gear is the provisions made by God. The Bible says God has blessed us with EVERY SPIRITUAL Read more about On Faith Part 9: How Faith Works[…]

Illuminare by Leke Alder: On Faith Part 7: The Agenda

On Faith Part 7: The Agenda

Humanly speaking, Jesus had to have been an extraordinary individual. There are no two ways about it. While his betrayal was in progress, and he knew what was going on, he instituted the rite of communion. 1 Corinthians 11:23 AMPC. He just carried on with the program. Communion was the dramatized pre-announcement of the program Read more about On Faith Part 7: The Agenda[…]

The Modern Church: Imperatives (Part 1)

Churches are critical to developing economies. They often constitute the social security system of developing nations. Churches take street urchins aka “area boys” off the streets; they reach out to sex workers, act as ameliorators for mental health challenges, organise conferences for SMEs, set up hospitals, set up schools, feed the hungry, take care of drug addicts… They provide scholarships, clothing and accommodation for the poor, organise job seminars and placements, motivate the youths, teach them values… When people disparage churches and pastors as a collective because of the perpendicular misalignment of a few pastors they throw out the baby with the bath water. There’s that hypothesis the proliferation of churches in Nigeria seems inversely proportional to the values of society. But think about it… If things are this bad despite the churches imagine how bad things would be without the churches. Nigeria will be a Hobbesian state. […]

Cogitation X: History Of The Future

God creates by making pronouncements. There’s an energy in his word that initiates a deployment sequence culminating in the imagined output. Genesis 1:3, Isaiah 55:11. It is fitting therefore that the creative agency of the Godhead be called Word. That’s Jesus by the way. John 1:1-4. We’re told he has “life” in him. In other words he possesses animating energy: “In him was life and the power to bestow life, and the life was the Light of men.” John 1:4 AMP.


Cogitation IV: Creating God

Imagine you’re in a philosophy class and your lecturer asks you to conceptualise an entity called “God.” What will be your parameters? There are seven capacities any entity called “God” must have. They are intellect, power, transcendence, technological capability, ubiquity, creative capacity and governmental authority. Without these seven qualities a “God” cannot be God. […]

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