What If Peter Had Not Denied Jesus?

There are those invocations we make that are lacking in efficacy and for that, we ought to thank God. Take the cock-crow experience of Peter. When he was called out as a follower of Christ Peter rained curses on himself in very vehement denial. (Matthew 26:73-75) It’s not exactly a far-fetched scenario. Some, for example, Read more about What If Peter Had Not Denied Jesus?[…]

What If Daniel Had Died In The Lion’s Den?

If there’s nothing we learn from Daniel’s story, it’s how treacherous the corridors of power can be. It’s a cloak and dagger world and full of long shadows. In that world, brilliance can be severely punished. But we seem to be getting ahead of ourselves, let us back up a little. Daniel was a gifted Read more about What If Daniel Had Died In The Lion’s Den?[…]

What If Jesus Had Not Commanded The Storm To Be Still?

What if Jesus had not commanded the storm to be still? Well, that would have been catastrophic beyond the boundary of contemplation, and you’ll see why. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s look at the story. The story of Jesus calming the storm is documented by three of the four writers of the Gospel. Read more about What If Jesus Had Not Commanded The Storm To Be Still?[…]

Ask, Seek, Knock. 

There are these three operative principles taught us by the Lord Jesus Christ. They are so simple yet so compelling. In their beguiling simplicity lies the leap to next level attainment and solution to inertia. So powerful are these principles – three basic words, that even the new age movement has sought to appropriate them. Read more about Ask, Seek, Knock. […]

God the Notary Public

We continue our excursion into the dynamics of the life of the man popularly known as Jacob. If you’ll recall, last week we caught up with him at a place called Padam Aram, or the field of Aram.
Syria essentially. Padam Aram was a place of roots for Jacob. He had historical roots there stretching back hundreds of years. And he had prospered there, working as a semi autonomous entrepreneur under his uncle Laban. […]