Remembrance VIII: Back To Basics

Even if we can’t agree on many things about God one thing we can all agree on is, and this from the evidence before us, God is super intelligent. In acknowledgement of God’s intelligence, John declared him the Logos. John 1:1. Logos is the principle of divine reason and creative order. It’s the code running the universe. It’s otherwise known as WORD. Hebrews 1:3. Logos means “word.”


The Gospel From Mushin

Mushin is a very high density area in Lagos, Nigeria. One thing generally acknowledged is that poverty is rife in Mushin. It has the typical challenge of very high density localities. Some neighbourhoods are rough. Perhaps if Jesus were alive today he’d have emerged from Mushin, or any other area not noted as zip code for people with affluence and wealth. […]

Outsourcing Christianity

The corporate world is enamoured with the concept of “outsourcing.” Though it transcended into de rigueur management principle about a decade or two ago, it’s not exactly new. Outsourcing is the contracting of certain functions in an organisation to independent contractors. The independent contractor manages her staff in the delivery of those services, they’re not the staff of the client corporation. But those contracted operations are so integrated into the structure of the client corporation that an outsider will be hard-pressed to note a gap. There’s a fluidity. […]

The Music Issue

A few days ago, there arose a Twitter storm of apocalyptic proportions over news that a young “secular” artiste was invited to sing during a church service. The young artiste is a Christian and the song performed was from his title album, God Win. One must assume that a song titled “God Win” sang in a church setting seemed most appropriate, but these are curious times. […]