What If Ruth Had Left With Orpah?

The story of Naomi and Ruth in the Bible has to be one of the most moving stories you’ll ever read. It will drive you to tears. But don’t let’s assume everyone knows Orpah. Ruth of course is popular. Parents name their children Ruth, but who was Orpah? Orpah was actually the first daughter-in-law of[…]

Praying For People To Die

The difference between the dispensations of the Old and New Testaments is an ongoing challenge for many Christians. You can’t worship God in New Testament dispensation on the principles of the Old Testament. And some coming from animist backgrounds are seeking to process Christianity through animist spirituality. They eulogize God adapting the incantations of animist[…]


Antinomianism is a big word, but it’s a word you should get acquainted with. The word antinomianism comes from two Greek words: anti meaning “against”; nomos meaning “law”. Antinomianism essentially means “against the law”. Theologically, antinomianism refers to belief in the misapplication of the doctrine of grace for licentiousness. A licentious person lacks legal or[…]

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