The Church and Politics (Part 2) : Heavenly Citizenship

Last week we began the series, The Church and Politics by laying the foundation for the discourse. We came to the conclusion the Church is a political organ and Jesus is a political figure. You can read more at

This week we begin exploration of the concept of citizenship.


Understanding Tithing (Part 2)

Last week we began discussion on Understanding Tithing. We saw the two regimes of tithe in the Bible. The first regime is the Abrahamic regime. The second regime is the regime of the Law – Law of Moses or Ten Commandments. We examined how tithing came about in the Bible and the reasons Abraham and Read more about Understanding Tithing (Part 2)[…]

What If God Had Not Created The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil?

What if God had not created the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Well, that question goes to the very heart of what it means to be human. But we’re jumping ahead of ourselves. Let’s look at the narrative. The creation of man followed a two-part process: first was the material creation, and then Read more about What If God Had Not Created The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil?[…]

Political Worship of Divinity

Spare a prayer this morning for the families of the dead, the dying, the missing… You know, sometimes we get so used to religion the words we use lose ordinary meaning. Take “Praise and Worship”. It has come to mean the first musical section of a church service. It’s when we lift up holy hands, Read more about Political Worship of Divinity[…]

Literary Jesus

One of the most inspiring things about God is his literary dimension. The Bible is an unbelievably rich literary and reference material. If you want to learn how to write it’s a fantastic guide. You can’t apprehend the full dimension of God if you don’t appreciate his personage. Stop limiting God to moralistic role confines. Read more about Literary Jesus[…]