Romance, Sex and Marriage

Contrary to what the religious mind might think marriage is not a Christian thing, it’s a humanity thing. Marriage was not instituted after Jesus rose from the dead it was instituted in the Garden of Eden. Because marriage is a humanity thing God recognises marriages that are not conducted in church. The marriage ceremony is culture based. And that’s not saying don’t marry in church. If in your culture drinking a cup of cold water is how you get married, God will recognise it. And if it’s climbing a tree God will recognise it. The conjugal ceremony is culture based. The church ceremony is a cultural expression. All that wearing of white is cultural. Up till mid-19th century brides didn’t wear white. The first person to do so was Queen Victoria. That was on 10th February 1840,179 years ago. There are two clear implications from the foregoing:
a. A non-Christian couple can have a wonderful marriage.
b. A Christian couple can have a horrible marriage.