The Parchment

I present lessons from my teachings in 2017. I hope you keep them in heart as we approach 2018. There are two mystical orders in the Bible: they are the Levitical or Aaronic order and the Order of Melchizedek. The Melchizedek order is a religio-secular order. It is a hyphenated order – priest-king. Sometimes we Read more about The Parchment[…]

Preaching Another Gospel

Perhaps the greatest danger we can pose to the preaching of the gospel is the preaching of another gospel. When we substitute the gospel of Jesus Christ for moral instruction, we are preaching another gospel. Moralism is NOT the gospel of Jesus Christ, even if it appropriates some sayings of Jesus and principles from the Read more about Preaching Another Gospel[…]

Strategic Alignment of Wonderful Coincidence

I want to thank Pastor Paul Adefarasin for the honour and privilege of speaking from this elevated rostrum of creation- from whence the word of God has gone out into the nations of the world, transforming lives and destinies. The ministry of House On The Rock is a work I am well familiarized with through Read more about Strategic Alignment of Wonderful Coincidence[…]