God the Notary Public

We continue our excursion into the dynamics of the life of the man popularly known as Jacob. If you’ll recall, last week we caught up with him at a place called Padam Aram, or the field of Aram.
Syria essentially. Padam Aram was a place of roots for Jacob. He had historical roots there stretching back hundreds of years. And he had prospered there, working as a semi autonomous entrepreneur under his uncle Laban. […]


I have on occasion taken time to explain righteousness to you. The generally acceptable working definition of righteousness is right standing with God, but it is an incomplete definition. It is only focused on the demand side of the equation of righteousness. It does not cover the supply side. When you take time to study righteousness in the Bible you will discover there are two perspectives. […]

The Lord’s Prayer (Part 3)

We continue our studies on Governmentalism with Part 3 of the Lord’s Prayer. The Lord’s Prayer began as a patriarchate appeal: “Our Father which art in Heaven…” That opening phraseology is loaded with information about the organogram of responsibility of the Trinity. It is nothing short of the decoding of the responsorial and governmental structure Read more about The Lord’s Prayer (Part 3)[…]