The Larger Picture

Good morning! Yesterday, we looked at the operational CONTEXT of the 21st century church. We saw that we cannot operate outside the purview of the dispensations of God and that there are economic dispensations apart from spiritual dispensations. A dispensation is an epochal calendar of God. It divides God’s program for the Earth into epochs Read more about The Larger Picture[…]

Prophecy is History

Let me begin this morning by thanking most profoundly the General Overseer of Victory International Church, Bishop Taiwo Adelakun for giving me the honour to come and share with this gathering. It is always a privilege to share the ideas and intelligences of Almighty God. Nothing titillates me like the intelligence and wisdom of God. Read more about Prophecy is History[…]

Struggling With Sin

Why do we struggle with sin after we get born again? Christians sin against God, daily! Some Christians say they cannot sin. Of course they incorrectly interpret 1 John 5:18. The King James rendition of 1 John 5:18 can lead to such wrong interpretation. (The chapter itself is a major discourse among theologs. You need Read more about Struggling With Sin[…]