Business Ethics (Part 2): The Pacifist

  I consider it a privilege and an opportunity every time I share the word of God. In the first part we began a trilogy – a case study of a well-known business dynasty – the Abrahams. We’re looking at three generations of entrepreneurs. What is fascinating about them is God’s brand association with them. Read more about Business Ethics (Part 2): The Pacifist[…]

Business Ethics (Part 1): The Pragmatist

I’m always grateful to God for the opportunity to learn wisdom from him as I prepare for lectures, and to share that wisdom as I deliver my lecture. So please pay attention. ———- There is a very interesting commentary in Deut. 8:18. It centers on the natural inclination of successful businessmen to boast about their Read more about Business Ethics (Part 1): The Pragmatist[…]