The Dimensions Of God’s Vision

There are certain dimensions of the Christian faith that will change your worldview and how you see Christianity. This post will challenge your thinking, force you to unthink suppositions, and re-reason certain assumptions about Christianity. First, we need to get out of religion. Religiosity obfuscates truth about Christianity. Religion is man’s attempt to make meaning Read more about The Dimensions Of God’s Vision[…]

Marriage Nuggets

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It is God’s creation – the first human institution established by God. (Genesis 2:18-25) God’s plan for marriage mirrors Christ’s love and relationship with His bride, the Church. (Ephesians 5:22-33; Revelation 21:2,9) Marriage is supposed to be a life-long commitment. And if you desire to be married, you must plan Read more about Marriage Nuggets[…]

Responsibilities of Fatherhood

There’s an advanced civilization called the realm of the spirit. It’s an invisible realm occupied by extraordinary beings like angels. Humans can’t see into the realm of the spirit because it’s a higher dimension and we are in a lower dimension. We are greatly influenced by what happens in the realm of the spirit. The Read more about Responsibilities of Fatherhood[…]