The Parchment

I present lessons from my teachings in 2017. I hope you keep them in heart as we approach 2018.

  1. There are two mystical orders in the Bible: they are the Levitical or Aaronic order and the Order of Melchizedek.
  2. The Melchizedek order is a religio-secular order. It is a hyphenated order – priest-king.
  3. Sometimes we don’t appreciate how radical Jesus was for his day. His cabinet composition bucked the trend. It comprised a Doctor, Fisherman, Tax collector, Zealot etc.
  4. Jesus belongs to the second political order, the order of Melchizedek. (Heb. 7:13-17) By that very fact all Christians belong to that order. That’s because we have no identity outside of Jesus. (Col. 2:10, Eph. 1:11)
  5. The implication of the order of Melchizedek is that we’re supposed to be heavenly conscious but very earthly relevant.
  6. There are three areas Satan applies pressure in life – income, family and health.
  7. When people rise against you and the mob is incited against you, remember the one who calms the storms.
  8. Envy is scary. It can radically unite rivals.
  9. That seeming delay to answered prayer may just be God trying to put his signature flourish on your story.
  10. If you’re not pleased with the corporate governance of your church, go to another church rather than get into offences.
  11. Sin is a criminal liability, not a civil infraction. Doing good cannot atone for sin.
  12. Blessing is not according to natural order, it’s by grace. It’s not by human effort it’s the covenant of mercy.
  13. It doesn’t matter how many people are before you in the natural order. Grace subverts natural order.
  14. You can’t maintain a separate set of values from everyone else and not have strong conviction and constitution.
  15. Stand for what you believe. Have conviction. Make God proud. Remember, one with God is exclusive majority.
  16. Sometimes integrity leads us through adverse circumstances to take us to the top.
  17. Crass short-term opportunism derails destiny.
  18. In Christianity when the arrow of knowledge points to the future, it is called “prophecy”.
  19. The test of a prophecy is fulfilment.
  20. It’s good to show kindness to people. You may be showing kindness to your future spouse unaware.
  21. Loyalty has rewards.
  22. You can’t be in leadership and be temperamental. There’s need for emotional control.
  23. We must be careful what we open ourselves to, who we listen to. The pedigree of an instructor matters.
  24. The sin of vanity was Satan’s undoing. It’s a common trap.
  25. The planting of the tree of knowledge of good and evil also inaugurated the advent of freewill.
  26. Freewill is not the same as license. Laws always regulate freewill.
  27. Morality devoid of God is anchorless. (Matthew 22:36-40)
  28. “If I don’t pay tithe will I go to hell?” No. Tithe has nothing to do with salvation. You were saved by grace. (Eph. 2:8-9)
  29. Without introspection and spiritual understanding man is more or less an animal. (Psalm 49:20 AMP)

If you’ll like to receive Jesus into your life please pray this prayer:  “Father I acknowledge that I am a sinner, that Jesus died for me, that you raised him from the dead. Father please forgive me. I accept Jesus today as my Lord and my Saviour. Amen.”

That seeming delay to answered prayer may just be God trying to put his signature flourish on your story. Click To Tweet