Outsourcing Christianity

The corporate world is enamoured with the concept of “outsourcing.” Though it transcended into de rigueur management principle about a decade or two ago, it’s not exactly new. Outsourcing is the contracting of certain functions in an organisation to independent contractors. The independent contractor manages her staff in the delivery of those services, they’re not the staff of the client corporation. But those contracted operations are so integrated into the structure of the client corporation that an outsider will be hard-pressed to note a gap. There’s a fluidity. […]


The fourth book in the Bible is the book of Numbers. It comes after Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus. The Greek word for “Numbers” is “Arithmoi.” As you can guess that word is somehow related to arithmetic. The Hebrew word for “Numbers” on the other hand is “Bamidbar.” It means “in the desert of.” The book was compiled when the Israelites were in the Sinai desert. In fact the name of the book comes from two censuses of the Israelites. Numbers is essentially census results. That’s why it can be numbing to read. But it’s a historical document, the equivalence of a data base. […]

Intelligent Society

No society can develop without intelligence. The most advanced human communities are intelligence-based. Which makes one see the deep import in the mandate of Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply.” Genesis 1:28. The “be fruitful and multiply” mandate is impossible without intellectual capacity. It’s not just about procreation. It points to the organisation and development of human society. For man to develop into a self-sustaining community brains must be networked, knowledge must be mined. A nation that jokes with education is not going to develop. It’s an impossible dream. There can be no development of society without the development of the mind. […]

Success Factors

Last week we discussed the topic “Photizo”. We looked at the seven meanings and four dimensions of Photizo from John 1:1-9. John 1:1-9 states that every man that enters this world is capacitated with two types of knowledge – the knowledge of salvation, which is why man seems to have a compulsive need for God; the second is informational capacitation. We also identified the three capabilities of the Christian: natural potentiation, grace and the Holy Spirit. This week we will be looking at Success Factors. If you missed Photizo you can read the full article on www.myilluminare.com/photizo/. […]