The Future of Nigeria

One of the most potent passages of scripture is Ephesians 1:20-23. It’s a scripture with stark and unambiguous declarations. Yet it’s recondite to some. Because many people read the King James version of the Bible they can’t get hold of the import of the words in Ephesians 1:20-23. They’re lost in the plenitude of overwrought syntax of 17th century English. And some have willingly shut themselves out of understanding through groupthink ideology. They can’t confront the truth of scriptures, won’t see what the Bible says. There’s safety in numbers they imagine. And some are caught in a time warp. They’re trying to replicate the context of the Apostles. They do not realise God has a progressive vision for Christianity. What the Apostles knew was a manifested Jesus. They knew him “in the flesh.” They saw a resurrected Jesus in the flesh. They never saw him in government in Heaven. Only John, Paul and Steven had that revelation. There’s a reason the Book of Revelation is called the Book of Revelation. It pared back the curtain to reveal who Jesus really is. It’s why Revelation starts with the phrase, “A revealing of Jesus, the Messiah.” Revelation 1:1 MSG. In other words forget the Jesus you knew – all that baby in the manger stuff. This is the real deal.


The Political Mission of Jesus

Religiosity is an amazing thing. It locks us into a mind-set, blinds us to the patently blatant. It is religiosity that blinds us from seeing Jesus as a political figure, even when almost every page in the Bible screams the fact. “Messiah” is a political figure not a religious figure. “Messiah” means “anointed one.” Anointing is political investiture of power and authority, it is not a cold feeling coursing through your veins reminiscent of the downing of a very cold bottle of Coke.


The Church And Poverty

The poverty statistics coming out of Africa has to be scary. Especially when you realise those numbers are people, real people. Nigeria’s population is 195M and we have 116M people living in poverty. Democratic Republic of Congo’s population is 84M. She has 60.9M living in poverty, Kenya’s population is 60M. She has 14.7M living in poverty. Ethiopia’s population is 107M. She has 23.9M living in poverty.


The Political Church

If we want to create a difference in the destiny of Nigeria the church must re-strategise. Those Elijah-ic pronouncements from pulpits are not working. At best they’re moral voices. Though needful more is required. Our cause is not helped by misconception of what Christianity is. And there are several misconceptions about Christianity out there, even by Christians. […]