Cogitation XVIII: I Met An Angel On The Subway

I have had a number of strange experiences in life, supernatural kind of stuff. Some are so bizarre my wife insists I cannot share them in public. Some people will be scared of me she says. Not that I had anything to do with those things. Things just happen. There are forces around us, personages unseen, as the Bible says. We’re not alone. But I see wisdom in her words. Not everything can be shared. To reveal some things will be criminal divulgence of information. Paul was exposed to state secrets he couldn’t share for instance. (2 Corinthians 12:2-4). He said it would be criminal to do so. There are confidences God expects of us. There are confidences God reposes in us that demand fiduciary maturity. There’s a breach of confidentiality that is criminal.


What If There Was No Noah’s Flood Or Ark?

The What if…Imaginative Adventures in Faith.  (This question was submitted by ADT)   Well, for one there won’t be a Guinness Book of Records entry of the largest cruise ship in the ancient world. Though by today’s standard Noah’s ark would be nothing more than a super yacht. It’s actually smaller than the second largest Read more about What If There Was No Noah’s Flood Or Ark?[…]

What Does The Bible Say About The Paranormal and Ghosts?

Urban Legends examines widely held myths from a Biblical perspective. There are so many stories and experiences about the paranormal. And some people have physical marks and bruises from encounters with spirits. There are psychic mediums doing spirit-channeling, séances have become TV programs and our movies are full of scenes with apparitions. Even classical literature Read more about What Does The Bible Say About The Paranormal and Ghosts?[…]