Conversation With An Atheist (Part Two)

Who is God? Atheist: You have raised some points that appealed to historicity. But to avoid dissipating energy and for the purpose of beneficial discussion, let’s start this way: Who is God? LA: That’s a good question. Who do YOU think God is? Atheist: You are the one who claimed to know about God. I Read more about Conversation With An Atheist (Part Two)[…]

Conversation With An Atheist (Part One)

I share knowledge on faith and God regularly on social media. The knowledge on faith is also accessible on this platform. Recently I posted two quotes about God on social media. It brought a sarcastic retort from an atheist. I decided to engage him and an interesting conversation ensued. Well, that’s the genesis. You’ll have to Read more about Conversation With An Atheist (Part One)[…]