The Church and Politics (Part 15): Another Trinity

We continue the series, The Church and Politics. If you’ve not been following the series please go to to read the last fourteen instalments.

As we noted in the 11th instalment of this series, God IS government. He’s government because he regulates creation, he’s government because ALL power is resident in him. He is all powerful. The Psalmist put it succinctly: “God has spoken plainly, and I have heard it many times: Power, O God, belongs to you.” Psalms 62:11 NLT. God is a power native. […]

The Church and Politics (Part 12): Christian Economic Philosophy

Welcome to this instalment of the series, The Church and Politics. If you’ve not been following the series please go to to read the last eleven instalments.

It’s not unusual for Christians intending to participate in politics to get conflicted about the position of the Bible on policy matters for the modern state. That confliction can portend danger to the Christian faith since an ignorant Christian in power has the potential to turn people against the faith. He’ll damage opportunities for aspirant Christians.

Some wrongly believe the Bible advocates socialism as an economic philosophy. This is biblically unsupportable. The Bible encourages individual ownership of means of production as well as enterprise. The wrong notion is probably drawn from certain stories in the Bible, one being Jesus telling a rich guy to sell all he had and donate proceeds to the poor; and some point to the communalism practised by the early church. Mark 10:17-27, Acts 4:32-37.


The Church and Politics (Part 11): God’s Day Job

Welcome to this instalment of the series, The Church and Politics. If you’ve not been following the series, please go to to read the last ten instalments.

Christians have different concepts about God. And some of the concepts beggar credulity. The most incredulous tend to be those based on man-centric definition of God, as if God’s life and very existence revolves around man. It’s why some wonder what God was doing before he created Adam. The simple answer is that he was running his government in Heaven and continues to run a government. In actual fact, God is Government – capital “G”. God is government not just from the perspective of law and order, but because all political authority reside in him and emanate from him. ALL power proceeds from God. Psalms 62:11.


The Church and Politics (Part 7): Why the Church is not Pulling Its Weight

Welcome to the seventh part of the series, The Church and Politics. To catch up on Parts 1-6, please go to

The Church has the numbers, the brains and the resources to control the political space. Yet the church struggles politically. There are many factors responsible for the church’s political struggle but at the root of it all is a misconception of roles, both of the pastor and of the congregants, and a lack of unity in the Body. The body of Christ cannot be united if the pastors can’t set the example. We sometimes forget we have one Lord and one Master. His agenda must be uppermost, not our feelings. When men of God are more men than of God, the Body suffers dislocation and haemorrhages. And it’s important for the older generation of pastors to allow the younger generation of pastors have a say, and a way. They’re more current, have fresher ideas and are more proximate to the younger populace.


What If The Tower Of Babel Was Never Built?

What if the Tower of Babel was never built? Well, it’s tempting to assume languages would not have developed, that the world would speak one tongue. But then may be and maybe not. But we seem to be getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s back up a little. Just in case you missed the news Dubai Read more about What If The Tower Of Babel Was Never Built?[…]

What If Noah Had Not Built The Ark?

What if Noah had not built the ark? Well, that would have created all sorts of complications leading up to the Antichrist. And God wanted to maintain extant genetic code to jumpstart a new era of humanity. If any ark was ever going to be built it had to be by Noah. He had a Read more about What If Noah Had Not Built The Ark?[…]

What If Pilate Had Released Jesus?

The killing of Jesus was nothing but judicial murder – a crude political expediency. Jesus was arrested on Friday morning about 2am, in the Garden of Gethsemane. By 3pm he was dead. It was nothing but premeditated murder: “All the high priests and religious leaders met and put finishing touches on their plot to kill Read more about What If Pilate Had Released Jesus?[…]

Making Political Sense Of 2016

On Monday December 5, 2016, the fifth prime minister of Italy in 10 years tendered his resignation. It was consequent upon a big defeat in a referendum on constitutional changes. At 41, Matteo Renzi was Italy’s youngest-ever prime minister. Unfortunately, he staked his ministership on the referendum and the vote sent him out of office. Read more about Making Political Sense Of 2016[…]

If God is in Control why is There Evil in the World?

Urban Legends examines popular myths from a Biblical perspective. Let’s back up a little. Let’s revisit the Eden Crisis. We’re all familiar with the story – how the serpent conned Eve. Only there was someone backing the serpent – THE Serpent. That animal could not pull off such a high level caper on his own. Read more about If God is in Control why is There Evil in the World?[…]

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