Cogitation VIII: Double Sim Phone

One of the great spectacles of the 21st century is the caravan of migrants which originated in Honduras. It is bound for the United States of America. Well over 7,000 men and women left their country on foot, some with babies. Some of the migrants cited poverty, corruption and gang violence for the flight. They were determined to cross four national boundaries en route America. That’s 2,606 kilometres. Travelling in sweltering heat rising up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, hungry and exhausted they persevered. Attempts to stop the caravan in Mexico failed. Initially there was a standoff between the caravan and the security forces on the bridge between Guatemala and Mexico. They populated the Suchiate Bridge like a school of sardines. And then the amazing happened. The people began to swim the river under the bridge. That was considerable risk though the local populace did assist by providing canoes. A few days before the horde had destroyed metal barriers in Guatemala to cross over into Mexico. Nothing could stop them.


What If God Did Not Exist?

That is a very, very big theological question. But as you’ll see it’s also a scientific and philosophical question too. The simple and straightforward theological answer is, you won’t be alive to ask that question if God didn’t exist. But we seem to be getting ahead of ourselves, let’s back up a little. —— One Read more about What If God Did Not Exist?[…]