The Judah In Us

The man Judah was a most interesting character. The fourth son of Patriarch Jacob, he oscillated between moral poles like a man struggling with something deep inside him. There were moments he rose in nobility, and other moments he might have shocked himself. What made Judah even more interesting was the fact he had a pharisaic disposition. He was quick to condemn sin in others even when he was ensnared in the same issues. In other words, Judah was a man of like passions like us. There’s a Judah in all of us.


What If Esau Had Cursed Jacob?

So here’s the thing. We all know Esau, right? He wasn’t exactly noted for intelligent decisions. The guy was blunt force trauma on his own destiny. He became popular in his neighbourhood for selling his birthright for red stew. (Genesis 25:30) That’s how he got the nickname Edom. Edom means “red.” But we’re rushing ahead Read more about What If Esau Had Cursed Jacob?[…]