Cogitation XI: Virtual Reality

What exactly is reality? It’s such a fundamental question even though it sounds blasé. It’s why philosophers, scientists and theologians have tackled the question over millennia. Even Apostle Paul did. What if we’re players in an augmented virtual reality program? Some scientists believe we are. It’s actually not a crazy notion. From a conceptual perspective we may be characters in a complex virtual reality program called Universe. In that program we exist on a very unique planet that is subdivided into nations. In the virtual reality program we buy, we sell, we love, we marry… There’s politics, political parties… There are elections, there are governments… Think SimCity. Only on a more complex and a much grander scale. Think Ready Player One. The basic currency in all these interactions is life. Everything we do, everything we get is traded with the currency of our life. We trade with our life all the time. We call it time. There’s nothing we do that does not require time. As we spend time our life credit is depleted.