In The Beginning (Part 2)

In The Beginning (Part 2) – another free chapter from The Genesis Project, a new book by Leke Alder. Last week we began discussion on how the Universe came into being. We touched on time, timelessness, dimensions and dimensional limitations. Today, we’ll be looking at the concluding part by examining the dimensions of God – Read more about In The Beginning (Part 2)[…]

Church Growth and Technology

When we think of technology and church we generally think church production. We think lights, camera, gadgets, projection, livestreaming… At the consumer end we think iPads. Yet with all our investment in gadgets and livestreaming technology we don’t seem to be gaining traction as the Church. We’re producing for ourselves, we’re not connecting to the Read more about Church Growth and Technology[…]

The Digital Church

If you ask the average Christian what a digital church is, he might respond by saying it’s an online church. A more elucidative response might of course be that a digital church is one that adopts and adapts digital technology for its purposes. And if we ask the average Christian who a digital pastor is, Read more about The Digital Church[…]

The Larger Picture

Good morning! Yesterday, we looked at the operational CONTEXT of the 21st century church. We saw that we cannot operate outside the purview of the dispensations of God and that there are economic dispensations apart from spiritual dispensations. A dispensation is an epochal calendar of God. It divides God’s program for the Earth into epochs Read more about The Larger Picture[…]

Radical Leadership: As it was in the beginning, so it never shall be…

I want to begin this lecture by playing you a video clip. The video gives context to our discussion this morning. —– I want to thank Pastor Ayo Adesola and I must say Papa Adeboye for inviting me to speak to this gathering of eagles, the sons of Issachar I call you. I refer to Read more about Radical Leadership: As it was in the beginning, so it never shall be…[…]