Cogitation IV: Creating God

Imagine you’re in a philosophy class and your lecturer asks you to conceptualise an entity called “God.” What will be your parameters? There are seven capacities any entity called “God” must have. They are intellect, power, transcendence, technological capability, ubiquity, creative capacity and governmental authority. Without these seven qualities a “God” cannot be God. […]

Cogitation III: The I Am

From a relational perspective being immaterial must be a little tough for God, humanly speaking that is. How do you even prove you exist! To prove he exists, God has had to resort to the same device used by scientists in detecting dark matter in space. Space is mostly dark so scientists watch out for gravitational effects on visible matter. God has sometimes had to rely on such a device to prove his existence to man. The Bible says nature testifies of his power. Psalm 19:2. To get man’s attention in the Old Testament God resorted to showy, outlandish use of sign language. He would part the sea, arrive in a convoy of thunder and lightning – the equivalence of strobe lights and sirens, turn water into blood. We call them miracles.