Kingdom Takeover (Part 2)

Religiosity is a terrible thing. What religiosity does is that it makes us blind to the obvious, and the reason is because we’re processing illumination through a refractive medium and so it ends up crooked. Religiosity defines Christianity as essentially a religious proposition but the evidence in the Bible suggests it’s more than that. The Read more about Kingdom Takeover (Part 2)[…]

Kingdom Takeover (Part 1)

Let us put things in proper context. When we’re talking about kingdom takeover we’re talking about taking over the political, economic and cultural dimensions of a nation. You can’t take over a national expression without acquiring control of those strategic assets. You have to take over political power, control the economy and influence popular culture Read more about Kingdom Takeover (Part 1)[…]

Church Growth and Technology

When we think of technology and church we generally think church production. We think lights, camera, gadgets, projection, livestreaming… At the consumer end we think iPads. Yet with all our investment in gadgets and livestreaming technology we don’t seem to be gaining traction as the Church. We’re producing for ourselves, we’re not connecting to the Read more about Church Growth and Technology[…]

Citizen Action (Part 2)

One of the most fundamental questions in life is the simple question,  What is it? It was a question that confronted the Israelites in the desert of Sin when God rained down angel food from Heaven. What is it they asked, hence the name manna. Manna means, What is it! The Church faces the same Read more about Citizen Action (Part 2)[…]

Citizen Action (Part 1)

I am going to tell you a parable. I will facilitate the construction of the edifice of our instruction from an apologue. May the God who opens ears and eyes open our hearts and grant us comprehension. Story, story… There is a nation called Garinja. Some say it is the landmass composed of the remnant Read more about Citizen Action (Part 1)[…]

Business Ethics (Part 2): The Pacifist

  I consider it a privilege and an opportunity every time I share the word of God. In the first part we began a trilogy – a case study of a well-known business dynasty – the Abrahams. We’re looking at three generations of entrepreneurs. What is fascinating about them is God’s brand association with them. Read more about Business Ethics (Part 2): The Pacifist[…]

Business Ethics (Part 1): The Pragmatist

I’m always grateful to God for the opportunity to learn wisdom from him as I prepare for lectures, and to share that wisdom as I deliver my lecture. So please pay attention. ———- There is a very interesting commentary in Deut. 8:18. It centers on the natural inclination of successful businessmen to boast about their Read more about Business Ethics (Part 1): The Pragmatist[…]

The Five Coats of Joseph

I want to express my appreciation to the Church and the pastorate for inviting me here to speak. It is always a privilege to take God’s message to the people of God and I have no doubt that God will minister to your needs this morning. Today, I’m going to be talking about a gentleman Read more about The Five Coats of Joseph[…]

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