The Bible speaks of three kingdoms. They are the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Darkness and the kingdom collective known as the Kingdom of Men. The Kingdom of Men is resident on Earth. The Kingdom of Darkness is “in the air”. The geographical location of the Kingdom of God is a place called Heaven. It’s actually a dimension; a much higher dimension.

Relative to Heaven we live in a very crude and backward civilisation. Our technologies are totally analog and stone age! Now the Kingdom of Men collective is headed by mortals – kings and queens, heads of government, presidents, prime ministers.

The Kingdom of Darkness is headed by Lucifer, aka Satan. Satan means the Accuser. (Hebrew Opposer). It’s a judicial title. Lucifer is the Prince of Darkness and “Prince of the power of the air.” The Kingdom of God is headed by God the Father. He has so many political titles – Almighty, Omnipotent, The I Am, etc.

Now each of these kingdoms has political structure. A triumvirate of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit rule in Heaven for instance. Satan has his own political hierarchy too – he has princes called Principalities. He has designates called Powers.  Then there are The Rulers of Darkness, and The Spiritual Wickednesses. Each of these functions dovetails into control of the political structures on Earth. The key to that objective is people. You’ll find information about Satan’s political structure in Ephesians 6:12 in the Bible. He runs a military government.

The Earth is a colonial outpost of Heaven. The battle for political control of the Earth has been going on for eons now! According to prophecy, it will terminate at the Battle of Megiddo, popularly known as the Battle of Armageddon. There the ultimate princes will clash – the Antichrist as the Prince of Satan, and The Christ as the Prince of God.

Each of the three sets of kingdoms has standing armies. Both the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of God enlist soldiers and intelligence officers regularly from Earth. Just like the colonial powers enlisted soldiers from their colonies during the World Wars. These enlisted men fight the respective causes of the kingdoms on Earth. Christians are referred to as soldiers for example. The Earth is a theatre of war. It will remain so for many many years to come.

Principalities, Powers, Rulers of Darkness, Spiritual Wickednesses constitute Satan’s military government hierarchy. The Principalities are the chief strategists. They’re the inner circle. The word “Principality” is the Greek word “Arche”. It means “cause”. They are the “cause” – program developers, strategists. The verb is “Archo”. It means “first”. They are thus Lucifer’s first line charge – Supreme Military Council members. (The New Testament was originally written in Greek. That’s why I’m quoting the root words so you understand original meaning).

The Powers are the continental and country directors. They seek to control governments and heads of state.

The Rulers of Darkness constitute the intelligence agency. Think of CIA or KGB but with executive powers. They’re in charge of technology, counter intelligences, repression and estoppels. They create domestic and personal trauma. Sin, misery, ruin, unhappiness, ignorance, error are closely associated with Rulers of Darkness. The Greek translation is “skotos”. It means to stop or restrain through an instrumentality. They stop progress.

As for The Spiritual Wickednesses, the Greek word for “wickedness” is “ponerai”. It means a malicious person who is evil and affects others with malice. When next someone exhibits malice towards you, you know who’s instigating it – the Ponerai! They facilitate the emotional destruction of others. Now you know why depression kills or causes people to commit suicide. These are merciless beings! And you can see the foolishness of asking Satan for blessings or favour! Satan doesn’t run a charity! Everything is a loan, be it money or power. And the terms are always terrible! You’re dealing with a brutal and repressive dictatorship with no respect for human rights and no interest in your well being. His avowed mission is “to steal, to kill and to destroy”. Jesus said so. That’s his motto, the insignia of his coat of arms. You can’t deal with Satan’s minions based on Hollywood fantasies and ideas. All that Omen stuff is hogwash. “Holy water” and sign of the crucifix don’t subdue demons. That’s a joke, isn’t it?! These are military guys, not boy scouts. The only authority demons respect is the name of Jesus. For at the name of Jesus every knee must bow! He’s a military man, Commander-in-Chief of the army of an extremely powerful kingdom.

There’s no power in any water or cross, wooden or otherwise. All that Omen stuff is counter intelligence! Guess who put out that misinformation? The Rulers of Darkness! It’s their work. You need the full armour of God. The Bible says the first item on the list is the helmet of salvation. You must be saved! So please pray this prayer: Father I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge that I am a sinner and that Jesus is Lord. I receive him as my Lord and Saviour. Amen!

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