Oddysey 2111

This morning I want to take you on a sci-fi fantasy journey. Who knows, maybe what you’re about to read will be the reality of tomorrow.

The mobile phone was science fiction fantasy. We’ll name our vehicle Oddysey 2111. I want you to imagine the world in 2111 – about a hundred years from now. Civilisation is so advanced; technology is so far out we no longer hold physical cash or cards. The phone is now a wearable technology with holographic video capabilities. In fact, it’s no longer called a phone. It’s called Personal Digital Console – PDC.  It’s a grid technology platform. You do everything on it. You even vote with it. Nations hold referendums on the grid, with everyone plugged in through PDC.

There are “Tweet Boards” on the street. They project trending convos. You can plug in to any conversation through your PDC. Your doctor remotely diagnoses your ailments via the grid. You have a chip implant. Your chip can plug into what we used to call the ATM (automated teller machine) to get your daily vitamin upload. Since ATMs no longer dispense money, they’re now known as Ubiquitous Dispensary Device – UDD. It’s a grid enabled dispensary system. The technology grid is ubiquitously prevalent, like electricity. So advanced is technology that movie rentals are now delivered directly to individuals, not their phones.

The brain is used as digital file storage device. It’s partitioned like your computer hard disk. The contact lens is a movie screen. You watch movies on your contact lens; either that or through Google glass. It is the dawn of the era of “remote church”. There are full time online pastors. You take digital communion. The traditional church has interactive screens as walls. Each chair is fitted with a multimedia screen like on the plane. You can follow the sermon in tweets, not just by video or audio. Just press the Sermon Tweets button. You can broadcast the sermon to your friends in any format you choose. You can sync your PDC with the console. If the pastor is going too fast for you, you can rewind the video or audio on your screen. Even pause. Of course tithes and offerings are binary. Bitcoins have now been perfected and universally adopted.

One of the greatest advances is in prison reform. The State has dispensed with building prisons. Prisons are no longer brick and mortar. The criminal justice system is now administered through technology. Death sentences are remotely carried out through lethal chemical doses administered through the implanted chips.

But the great breakthrough is the individualized prison system. A criminal’s brain function is altered, locking him in his own personal prison by inducing fear. It’s a reality distortion system. The neuro-transmitters in the implanted micro-chip alter the reality of the prisoner. He’ll imagine himself restricted to say a radial mile. As long as his mind can’t go past that mile, he’s under mile arrest. The transmitter induces anxiety if he approaches the boundary of the mileage restriction. Beyond the mile, jolts are fired into his brain. Feels like electric torture. The prisoner will of course run back. The degree of offence will determine the mileage allowance. Misdemeanours get more latitude.

Everyone applauds this prison reform. It significantly reduces the cost to the State. The prisoner is still economically useful to society. He feeds himself and there’s no need for guards. His employer need not fear. Aggression is controlled through delivery of chemicals. This is a major extension of the field of prisoner control psychology. Solves the guard-prisoner ratio dilemma. In effect the prisoner is physically free but psychologically restricted. Those on parole register conformity via nearby ubiquitous dispensary devices. They simply scan in.

In this Orwellian society, fear is the real prison guard not humans. The prison is not concrete walls. Its walls are in the mind. Of course all these are the copious titillations of a very productive mind. Except for one thing: The prison system is already in operation. Satan runs the largest prison system in the world. He has the biggest prison programme on earth. He locked down the entire world with fear by altering the psychological state of Adam through sin. We were only introduced to fear in the Garden of Eden AFTER Adam had sinned. He hid from God in fear. Satan knew the sequence of the fall having fallen himself. He understood fear. He packaged his experience for Adam. He saw the potential of fear as an instrument of control. For a sadistic mindset it’s a repressive tool. And so the main damage in the Garden of Eden was psychological damage. Man became fearful.

Other evidence of psychological damage is found in the introduction of murder to earth. Cain committed fratricide. He pre-meditatively slew his own brother because of jealousy. What we call the “flesh” in Christendom is actually the altered psychological state of mankind. “The flesh lusteth against the Spirit, the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other.” (Galatians 5:17). A new thought system was introduced through sin. It’s a rebellious system. Completely contrary to God.

This alternative thought system supplanted the original and became default. And so we see three major introductions in Genesis after the Fall: death, fear and altered psychology. Jesus came to deliver us from all three. To accomplish his mission he had to become a man. Hebrews 2:14-15 MSG: Since the children are made of flesh and blood, it’s logical that the Savior took on flesh and blood in order to rescue them by his death. By embracing death, taking it into himself, he destroyed the Devil’s hold on death and freed all who cower through life, scared to death of death.” And so we see Jesus take on the fear and death combo. You don’t need to be afraid of death anymore. Jesus conquered death.

When you travel put your mind at rest. Switch off. Jesus has control of the plane, the car, the train, the ferry, whatever. On that plane, on that boat, in that vehicle, on that train, simply commit your life into God’s hand. Then go to sleep like Jesus did in the storm. He even had a pillow. Then the saying will come true: “Oh, Death, who’s afraid of you now? In a single victorious stroke of Life, all three — sin, guilt, death — are gone, the gift of our Master.” (1 Corinthians 15:55-57 MSG).  Thank you Master Jesus!


© Leke Alder talk2me@lekealder.com