Terms of Endearment

“My dear God, I’m lying here on my bed, very early in the morning, just thinking about you. I wish everyone knew you, and not just about you! What a God you are! I wish they knew your love, your kindness and your saving power… This generation.

You’re a kind person, a very good person, someone to know. It makes sense to be connected to you. You know everybody! You’re powerful! But there’s more to you than all that power. We don’t realise it. It’s why we have a distorted image of you. Having all that power and still being able to relate to us, you must be humble!

You’re so wealthy, yet you come to us no matter where we live, or whatever our social status. You visit our homes. You’re kind. I can’t get over that. And you never condemn. Were the laws rolled out on us none of us will survive. And you’re loyal. You stay true to your friends.

You go through thick and thin with us, just to keep a promise no one can prosecute you on. Who’ll dare! You promised never to leave us or forsake us, and you keep your word. When we hurt you hurt, when we cry you feel for us. You can be so mushy God, so emotionally involved.

WE break our word to you all the time, yet you never break your word. Integrity means a lot to you. And that generosity of yours! It’s legendary. Even those who hate you enjoy your generosity. You’re rich towards all.

And you have self-control. Imagine us with a billionth of your power! God, you have discipline! And you never ever give up on us… You never give up. You keep pursuing us… Thirty, fifty, hundred years… Till we die.

And you never judge us. This despite the fact your standards are so high. You don’t condemn. You said so. Your standards are so high you had to give it another name – righteousness. When you discovered we couldn’t meet up you created a legal loophole for us. Since sin is a vicarious liability for us through Adam, you made righteousness a vicarious blessing through Jesus. Bottom line, Jesus paid the price we get the prize.

And you are jocular! You crack jokes, even when you’re angry. You do have a sense of humour! I mean, you told those rebellious guys in the desert you’ll feed them quail – so much so it’ll come out of their nostrils! And my, you’re so brilliant! That part of you just amazes me! You’re too intelligent! I know we think you’re a magician, but to put all these together? The world and all that… That’s awesome intelligence. You invented Physics, Chemistry, Biology. And their esoteric versions. All the “quantums”. You’re very detailed – so focused on excellence. I’m amazed at what we see through microscopes.

Religion – our suppositions, prejudices and inventions of what you’ll like- prevents us from seeing you for who you are. You encourage talent and interests; you’re approachable- we can broach any subject with you. You’re a father. And you’re patient and forbearing… David said you understand our foibles, stupidities and humanity. We keep making the same mistakes, and you keep forgiving the same forgivenesses. And how ironic we think we’re smarter than you. You ARE patient!

Contrary to expectations, you care about our emotional conflicts, our heartbreaks and turmoils… Didn’t know God cared about such until I read your Word. You heal the brokenhearted. You bind up our emotional wounds. You reset broken minds. Then there’s your literary talent. Jesus is the Word and all that but even at that you’re a genius! You put together 66 books in different genres in one classic volume we call the Bible. These books were written over millennia, yet you cross-referenced them in real time! Who does that?! And you wrote live, no editing. It’s almost as if you gave yourself a creative challenge to document human history.

Despite our knowledge of the laws of economics we still don’t get spiritual commerce! Spiritual commerce is Jesus buying salvation for us. His blood was spiritual currency. We think we can save ourselves yet we can’t make it through one day without you. Who gives life? We deign to rely on our goodness to save us – yet our thoughts are continually evil. Without the shedding of blood there can be no remittal for sin. If only we realize morality cannot cure sin. It’s delusion and self-righteousness. The life of every creature is in its blood. As the sacrificial Lamb of God therefore the life of Christ was in his blood. And so when he spilled his blood he poured out his life for us. It’s why we can have God quality life – “eternal life”.

In the days of old, the people sacrificed bulls and goats. But the blood of bulls can’t save human life. Poor basis of exchange. It’s just an insurance cover for a season. That’s why they had to sacrifice year in year out. But you took care of sin once and for all. You sacrificed your Son. For this I’m ever grateful. And when I don’t act so, please forbear and forgive.

I’m trying to imagine what it feels like to feed 7.2bn people daily. Your wealth must be inexhaustible. We place so much demand on you, each one of us. And you keep taking care of us. You’re a nice “somebody”. And that’s what I keep telling people – that you’re so nice! We’re your soft spot.

You never turn anyone back. And no booking of appointment to talk to you. We can just call, anytime. God, you’re on call 24/7/52. And what’s my request today? It’s simple: Please save everyone who reads this letter. Please! I’m going to keep telling everyone about you. What a beautiful God you are! LA.”


Please pray this prayer: Father I come to you in the name of Jesus. I believe in my heart Jesus died for my sins. That God raised him from the dead. I accept him today as my Lord and my Saviour, Amen.

© Leke Alder | talk2me@lekealder.com