Light Bulbs

I present lessons from my teachings in 2016. I hope you keep them in heart as we approach the New Year.
When we ignore the substance of the word of God we soon arrive at the doorstep of absurdity and arrant legalism. A precise understanding of the Bible is required for a successful Christian walk. Humans reproduce naturally but the Holy Spirit reproduces spiritually. Being born again is spiritual rebirth.
Some of the praying and fasting for a spouse will become unnecessary if we simply do behaviour modification. The purpose of dating is for parties to get to know each other in less formal settings in consideration of commitment. God cannot force anyone to marry anyone. That’s a violation of freewill, and he’s never ever done so. Don’t marry hoping to change someone. You can’t change anyone. Only God has the capacity to change men and women.
Love matters. Don’t marry someone you don’t love. You will end up despising and punishing the person. The idea that if you don’t marry in church, God will not recognize your marriage is utter fabrication.
God invented sex. And like any inventor he laid down parameters for his invention.
We are trained in church to function on the outside. Our theater of operation is the world not inside the church. The church is an institutional platform for the actualization of mandates. It is not an end in itself, cannot be. A successful church is one capacitating people for service, helping individuals discover their purpose in life. A successful church is not a large congregation, or even a rich one. A successful church is one impacting lives and society.
You’ve got to be careful about hearing voices, laying out fleeces. Satan is a sound engineer and special effects expert. Morality is not the definition of Christianity, righteousness is. Righteousness is God’s operating system. We live a holy life because a holy God lives in us. The teaching that once you become a Christian or that when you’re in faith nothing bad will happen to you is erroneous. The big lesson God passed across at Adam’s trial is that man must take responsibility for his actions and inactions. God will hold you responsible for your life, not the Pastor. God’s desire is for the individual Christian to take personal responsibility for his life. That’s why he retailed his Spirit in man. If you want to know the future, ask the Holy Spirit. Enquiring about the future from so called stars is idolatry.
It’s the name of Jesus that determines the fortune of Christians, not ancestral surnames or given names.
In business there are going to be ups and downs. It’s your mindset that determines the eventual outcome. Business requires faith not fear, boldness not cowardice, intellect not ignorance, creativity not lack of imagination. Business has its own rules. Follow the rules and you’ll succeed. Fasting and prayer cannot replace industry, knowledge and creativity. Christianity is not antithetical to use of intellect. The Bible is not against thinking. Philippians 4:8 enjoins us to think.
There’s a place for prayer and there’s a place for strategy. If you want to succeed in business you must exercise wisdom, plan strategically, use your common sense and go after facts. To develop business capacity, attend seminars, read business books & journals and watch business TV. Branding is not artwork. It is a discipline and principle of power to get wealth.
Never forget you’re dealing with the Almighty God who will bring his purpose to pass in your life regardless of protocol. It’s not where you start from that matters in life, it’s the God you have. God can take you to any height. Your point of origin is not the determinant of your destiny. God is. If you can’t grasp God’s grand vision for your life you will not accomplish great dreams. You can’t attain the future without faith.
Self-image determines pursuit. See yourself as God sees you. Stop worrying about HOW God is going to accomplish what he promised you. Concern yourself with the “what,” not the “how.” The “what” belongs to you, the “how” belongs to God. Everyone is given an opportunity to prosper relative to his circumstances and capacities. Here’s why we have trials. Trials are designed to produce virtues in us that are critical for the handling of success. You need maturity for greatness. Trials produce maturity in us, and generate the faith needed to attain the future.
Humility is important in life. We must be humble enough to admit our deficiencies, and seek help if necessary. Nobody is perfect. Perfection is a journey, a lifelong one. A spirit of vindictiveness is an indication of under-developed capacity to handle elevation. Power requires discipline.
Christians have got to stop thinking clannishly. Media is particularly important. Media controls the minds of the people and shapes worldview. It’s a tool of power. If you don’t alter your paradigm you can’t disciple a nation. Christians can’t afford to avoid the cultural space. Get into music, art, drama, fashion, technology, media and entertainment. Rulers of Darkness of this World are particularly focused on music, art, fashion, media and culture. They understand influence. The great battle of the 21st century is not about miracles, signs and wonders. It’s about intellect and culture. You can’t keep praying people out of government. It’s inefficient. You need to get in there and get the job done.
Next year we begin a new series: “What if…” Questions like: What if Adam didn’t eat the fruit but Eve did, will be tackled.
Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!
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