God Needs Your Personality

A Westerner attending a wedding or funeral party in Lagos, Nigeria might experience cultural shock seeing so many people in sameness of attire. It’s called “aso ebi”. It means you’re regarded as “family” for donning that “aso ebi” attire hence the name. There’s a consanguinity with the celebrating or bereaved family. These are not small parties. Not by any standard. These are huge parties. Guests can number a thousand. Wave after wave they come, one batch making way for another in endless feasting and merriment, with music supplied by two or more live bands. […]

The Church and Politics (Part 16): The Christian President

We continue the series, The Church and Politics. If you’ve not been following the series please go to www.myilluminare.com/the-church-and-politics/ to read the last fifteen instalments.

Christians naturally want a Christian on the dais of power, just as adherents of other faiths want their faithful on the dais of power. There is a significant desire among Christians for a Christian President therefore. The advantage of a Christian President to the Christian community is obvious. He or she will protect the faith. And some imagine such a President will proclaim Christianity state religion as the political resolution of the great commission. This is of course impossible in a true democracy without trampling on rights. Besides, the idea of proselytization by compulsion is alien to Christian doctrine. […]