Remembrance V: Spiritual Anniversary

My favourite lecturer in university was an atheist. No, he wasn’t my favourite because of his atheism, though he did try to influence our young minds in that direction. He taught me Phil 201 – Logic. It was compulsory for first year law students. In teaching us syllogism he would illustrate with stuff like this: “If God exists there will be no evil in the world. Evil exists in the world. Therefore God does not exist.” Of course the first premise is contentious, if not fallacious. Who said God and evil cannot coexist? By what exclusionary law can God and evil not coexist? And why juxtapose God and evil? Shouldn’t the proper juxtaposition be God and Satan, or evil and goodness? And if God represents goodness how come goodness and evil can coexist but God and evil cannot! Nonetheless he was a wonderful lecturer – hardworking, approachable, fair and dedicated. He represented what teaching should be. He critically engaged my teenage mind, made philosophy most interesting. I think I took four philosophy courses that year, though outside of philosophy I also enjoyed sociology and economics. These were powerful foundational knowledge and they would prove very useful to our brand consulting practice. We drew from so many disciplines. The irony though is that I got born again right in the midst of this rational assault on faith. How strange!


Nigeria: A Little Bit Of History…

One of the most profound realities in scriptures is the fact God does generational batching. We discovered this very early on in scriptures. Those nettlesome Israelites, the slave era generation could not enter the Promised Land. They couldn’t imagine the future. They were thoroughly messed up by slavery, damaged psychologically. They focused on existential – all they wanted was survival. Staying alive was an achievement. Neither could they imagine themselves pioneer nationalists. It was a new generation that did, and those were born in the wilderness, which means they were under 40. The Israelites roamed the wilderness for 40 years. The older generation was wasted. […]

What If Jesus Had Shaved His Hair?

One would hardly imagine the hairstyle of Jesus would generate curiosity but here we are! There are two approaches to this question. There’s the cultural approach, and there’s the spiritual approach. Culturally, we know Jesus was a cool guy. He was very sophisticated. He attended dinner parties, mingled with business elites, politicians and socialites. “Lagos Read more about What If Jesus Had Shaved His Hair?[…]

Why Is Christianity So Hard?

Illuminare65dForget all the religiosity, Christianity is not hard and salvation is so simple, though some like to make it seem so difficult. Jesus said, “My yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” (Matthew 11:30) The Amplified Bible translates that as: “For my yoke is wholesome (useful, good – not harsh, hard, sharp, or pressing, but comfortable, gracious, and pleasant), and my burden is light and easy to be borne.” That’s like someone saying, “I’m easy to get along with, I don’t impose or inconvenience people.” Jesus is a cool dude, and if our experiences don’t match what he said we must be doing something wrong. Jesus can’t lie. This is someone who calls himself the Truth, and who began statements with “Verily, verily…” meaning, “I tell you the truth…” So what are we not getting right, and what false notions are we holding on to? […]