Cogitation V: Is The Bible God’s word?

The Bible is not a dictation. Unlike the books of some other religions it has a different concept, and the concept is very radical. It’s rather an inspired collection of history, instructions, philosophical thoughts, letters, poetry, rap and prophecies. It also contains a cosmological narrative, as well as information on the extradimensional that seems like a Marvel other-worldly movie. It is important we recognise the CONCEPT of the Bible. The Bible has a concept. It’s kind of avant-garde. The Bible is like one massive movie production. Imagine a movie production over a long period of time. But the sets are in multiple locations, some out of this world. The compilation of those film reels over some 6000years is what the Bible is. We’re of course discounting the timeline in the first two chapters in Genesis. That spans billions of years; actually stretches all the way back into timelessness. […]

How Did We Get The Bible?

Urban Legends examines widely held myths from a Biblical perspective. The highest selling book of all time is the Bible. Sold 5 billion copies already and selling at the rate of 100 million a year. This minus digital downloads. “Bible” literally means “the books.” The word comes from Koine Greek, Biblia. The Bible is not Read more about How Did We Get The Bible?[…]