The Parchment

I present lessons from my teachings in 2017. I hope you keep them in heart as we approach 2018. There are two mystical orders in the Bible: they are the Levitical or Aaronic order and the Order of Melchizedek. The Melchizedek order is a religio-secular order. It is a hyphenated order – priest-king. Sometimes we Read more about The Parchment[…]

What If Mary Was Not A Virgin?

What if Mary was not a virgin? Oh my, that would create a major credibility crisis for so many people including Jesus. Many of his claims would become disputed and disputable. But we seem to be getting ahead of ourselves, let’s back up a little. Prophet Isaiah was known for dramatic prophecies, including that prophecy Read more about What If Mary Was Not A Virgin?[…]

Prophecy is History

Let me begin this morning by thanking most profoundly the General Overseer of Victory International Church, Bishop Taiwo Adelakun for giving me the honour to come and share with this gathering. It is always a privilege to share the ideas and intelligences of Almighty God. Nothing titillates me like the intelligence and wisdom of God. Read more about Prophecy is History[…]