A Special Letter To Jil

I want to give you a customized Jack&Jil experience. I do hope my letter ministers to you and your relationship. — Dear Jil, about two years ago I came to certain realizations. I realized how potent marriage is, and how powerful love is. It’s right there in scriptures, but you know we like to over-spiritualize Read more about A Special Letter To Jil[…]

The Five Coats of Joseph

I want to express my appreciation to the Church and the pastorate for inviting me here to speak. It is always a privilege to take God’s message to the people of God and I have no doubt that God will minister to your needs this morning. Today, I’m going to be talking about a gentleman Read more about The Five Coats of Joseph[…]

The Paradox

Today I’m going to be tackling a great paradox. This paradox has befuddled many a Christian and many a people: How is it possible that the development of a nation can be inversely proportional to an exponential growth in religiosity? For example, Nigeria has had an explosive growth in the number of “born-again” Christians, yet Read more about The Paradox[…]

Church Ushering

  #Illuminare will be editorial this morning. I am beaming a searchlight on the ushering protocol in churches, interrogating the convention. Ushering is an administrative protocol of a local church, not a ministerial calling. It is nonetheless an important duty. Ushering is a diaconate assignment. We can thus fit it under the broad spectrum of the Read more about Church Ushering[…]

Spiritual Intimacy

God desires intimacy with us, not just adoration. He is Almighty God no doubt but he wants to be our friend, confidant and go-to. He desires to have conversations with us, the type that conflates our misbegotten theology of a judgmental God. The moment you give your life to Christ, the dynamics of relationship changes. Read more about Spiritual Intimacy[…]