Intelligent Society

No society can develop without intelligence. The most advanced human communities are intelligence-based. Which makes one see the deep import in the mandate of Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply.” Genesis 1:28. The “be fruitful and multiply” mandate is impossible without intellectual capacity. It’s not just about procreation. It points to the organisation and development of human society. For man to develop into a self-sustaining community brains must be networked, knowledge must be mined. A nation that jokes with education is not going to develop. It’s an impossible dream. There can be no development of society without the development of the mind. […]

What If The Bible Never Existed?

What if the Bible never existed? Well, obviously there will be no documentation of all the stuff we know, but that won’t really alter the right of God to adjudicate the lives of men. But we seem to be getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s back up a little. The Bible is four things. First, it Read more about What If The Bible Never Existed?[…]

What If Sapphira Had Told The Truth About The Landed Property?

Just to be sure we’re talking about the same woman, Sapphira was the second half of that infamous duo in the Bible – the husband and wife team who sold a property and made false asset declaration. The whole thing had to do with a guy named Barnabas so let’s take a look at Barnabas. Read more about What If Sapphira Had Told The Truth About The Landed Property?[…]

Who Is Jesus? (Part 6) – The Trinity

This is the 6th part of our series, Who Is Jesus? If you missed Parts 1-5, please click here. In the 35th chapter of the Book of Genesis, we come across an interesting information: “And God in a distinctly visible manifestation appeared to Jacob again…” (Genesis 35:9). It means that wasn’t the first time Jacob Read more about Who Is Jesus? (Part 6) – The Trinity[…]

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Through these writings it’s my intention to show the simplicity of faith; to encourage you to experience the depths of God. One of the most potent experiences you’ll ever have is baptism in the Holy Spirit, accompanied with speaking in tongues. It’s not a modern phenomenon. People have been speaking in tongues for over two Read more about Baptism in the Holy Spirit[…]