The Mystery of Jesus 1

Who God is, what God is, how God is, where God is, when God is, will always be a mystery to us. That’s because of the dimensional divide. We are creatures of time; he’s not. We don’t know much about timeless dimension.

This dichotomy is the subject of John’s exposition, “n the beginning was the Word”. (“Word” refers to Christ: ‘He is dressed in a robe soaked with blood, and he is addressed as “Word of God.”’ Rev.19:13). The New Living Translation (NLT) of that phrase, “In the beginning was the Word” is, “In the beginning the Word already existed.” The first verse of the Book of John laid down four salient facts: 1) The Word predates time. 2) The Word is a distinct personage from God the Father. 3) The Word is side by side with God. 4) The Word is God.

Here’s the NLT of the verse: “In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God.” We can re-translate the verse as follows: “The NATURE of the pre existent Word that is co-equal with God the Father is God.” The corroborant of this statement of co-equality is Philippians 2:6-7 NLT: “Though he was God, he did not think of equality with God as something to cling to. Instead, he gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being.” Paul in this passage is referencing the incarnation of Jesus.

Isaiah had also spoken about it in this Christmas message: “For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given. His name shall be called Mighty God.” Isaiah 9:6 AMP. In essence, the pre-existent Word is the incarnated Jesus is the Mighty God. As if that first verse wasn’t potent enough, Apostle John goes on to make startling and bold declarations: “All things were made and came into existence through Him; .and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being.” John 1:3 AMP. What John is saying is that planets, stars, animals, sea creatures, the seas, the rivers, plants, man… Everything created in and out of time including the time dimension itself, was created by Jesus. The Personage who said, Let there be light in Genesis is ipso facto this Jesus!

And so we see dimensions of Jesus the Word- as personage, as creative force, as propagating principle, as expression. Jesus is the creative agency of the Godhead! And the creative force he unleashed is still propagating. And so the fecundity of nature, the creativity of man, multiplication protocol are intellectual properties of Jesus.

There is a sequence of events recorded in Psalm 114. It’s a record of animation and motivation of nature… Psalm 114:1-8: “After Israel left Egypt, sea took one look and ran the other way; River Jordan turned around and ran off. The mountains turned playful and skipped like rams, the hills frolicked like spring lambs.” WHY?! David asked: “What’s wrong with you, Sea, that you ran away? And you, River Jordan, that you turned and ran off? And mountains, why did you skip like rams? And you, hills, frolic like spring lambs?” Psalm 118:6. The reason creation trembled was because creation was in the presence of Lord of Creation: “Tremble, Earth! You’re in the Lord’s presence! In the presence of Jacob’s God.” Psalm 118:7.

Now, here’s something profound: As Lord of Creation Jesus can manipulate nature, do anything with creation. “He turned the rock into a pool of water; yes, a spring of water flowed from solid rock.” Psalms 114:8. “He rebuked the Red Sea also, and it was dried up: he led them through the depths, as through the wilderness.” Psalms 106:9.

In a conversation with the gentleman named Job Jesus laid out his credentials as Lord of Creation. We get some details on the creative process in Genesis. It wasn’t magic. Apparently there were blueprints and plans: “Pull yourself together, Job! I have some questions for you, and I want some straight answers. Where were you when I created the earth? Tell me, since you know so much! Who decided on its size? Certainly you’ll know that! Who came up with the blueprints and measurements? How was its foundation poured, and who set the cornerstone, while the angels shouted praise? And who took charge of the ocean when it gushed forth like a baby from the womb? That was me! Have you ever gotten to the true bottom of things, explored the labyrinthine caves of deep ocean?

Do you know the first thing about death? Do you have one clue regarding death’s dark mysteries? And do you have any idea how large this earth is? Speak up if you have even the beginning of an answer.” “Do you know where Light comes from, where Darkness lives so you can take them by the hand and lead them home? Have you ever traveled to where snow is made, seen the vault where hail is stockpiled? Can you find your way to where lightning is launched, or to the place from which the wind blows? Who do you suppose carves canyons for the downpours of rain, and charts the route of thunderstorms. And who do you think is the father of rain and dew, the mother of ice and frost? You don’t for a minute imagine these marvels of weather just happen, do you? Can you catch the eye of the beautiful Pleiades* sisters, or distract Orion* from his hunt? Can you get Venus to look your way, or get the Great Bear* and her cubs to come out and play? (*Constellation).

Do you know the first thing about the sky’s constellations and how they affect things on Earth? Can you get the attention of the clouds, and commission a shower of rain? Can you take charge of the lightning bolts and have them report to you for orders?” Job 38:1-9, 16-35 MSG.  Job might have felt like replying, “Ok, Jesus I get it! You’re Lord of creation!” Jesus goes on and on! Here then is my query: IF JESUS IS THE LORD OF CREATION, WHAT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO DO?
Pray this prayer if you’re faced with a difficult situation: Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus, Lord of creation. Your word says nothing shall be impossible with God. I therefore lay my case before you. (*State case*). All things are possible to him that believes. I BELIEVE, Lord. I put my faith in YOUR abilities. Thank you Father, for you’ve done it. Amen.

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