Remembrance VII: My Healing Story

I had always wanted to be a lawyer, since the age of ten. I don’t understand the mechanics of how children are stirred in a vocational direction, but for me the inspiration was a legal drama series on TV. It was called The Main Chance. The lead character, David Main made me want to study law. He was played by John Stride. He was absolutely brilliant in and out of court. David Main had certain qualities that appealed to my sense of self, even as a kid – he was erudite, confident and urbane. Such brilliance! And he had a beautiful girlfriend. I did all I could to achieve that dream and eleven years later I was holding my law certificate in my hand. Strategic objective accomplished. Now, for the rest of my life.


What If Mary Was Not A Virgin?

What if Mary was not a virgin? Oh my, that would create a major credibility crisis for so many people including Jesus. Many of his claims would become disputed and disputable. But we seem to be getting ahead of ourselves, let’s back up a little. Prophet Isaiah was known for dramatic prophecies, including that prophecy Read more about What If Mary Was Not A Virgin?[…]