The Church and Politics (Part 12): Christian Economic Philosophy

Welcome to this instalment of the series, The Church and Politics. If you’ve not been following the series please go to to read the last eleven instalments.

It’s not unusual for Christians intending to participate in politics to get conflicted about the position of the Bible on policy matters for the modern state. That confliction can portend danger to the Christian faith since an ignorant Christian in power has the potential to turn people against the faith. He’ll damage opportunities for aspirant Christians.

Some wrongly believe the Bible advocates socialism as an economic philosophy. This is biblically unsupportable. The Bible encourages individual ownership of means of production as well as enterprise. The wrong notion is probably drawn from certain stories in the Bible, one being Jesus telling a rich guy to sell all he had and donate proceeds to the poor; and some point to the communalism practised by the early church. Mark 10:17-27, Acts 4:32-37.