David Chapter 19: Is It Worth Serving God?

Life insists on self-examination. Every now and again life forces us to ask questions of ourselves. Sooner or later everyone arrives at those moments of cogitation – What am I doing with my life? […]

David Chapter 13: Coronavirus and the Sons of Issachar

Saul had died in battle. He died a gruesome death. As the Philistine army closed in on him, he committed seppuku – suicide by disembowelment. His three sons also died. David lost his best friend, Jonathan. […]

David Chapter 9: The Larger Picture

The name Zeruiah may not be very familiar but it’s mentioned several times in the Bible. It’s actually the name of David’s sister. David had two sisters – Zeruiah and Abigail. Profiling Zeruiah I’d say she’s a strong woman – very assertive, insistent and controlling. […]


David Chapter 7: The Sex Scandal

The single most consequential event in the presidency of David was his affair with Bathsheba. It precipitated a coup d’état, led to the near overthrow of his government, consumed innocent lives. There was too much collateral damage. […]

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