Understanding Tithing (Part 3)

Two weeks ago we began the discussion on Understanding Tithing. In Part 1, we discovered why Christians can’t tithe according to the book of Deuteronomy or Malachi – we’re not under the Law. In Part 2, we examined the rationale behind tithing. We concluded tithing is elective in the New Testament. It is not compulsory. Read more about Understanding Tithing (Part 3)[…]

Understanding Tithing (Part 1)

There are two regimes of tithe in the Bible. The first regime is the Abrahamic regime. The second regime is the regime of the Law. That’s shortcode for the Law of Moses. It’s also known as regime of the Ten Commandments – the body of legislation enacted to regulate the nascent nation of Israel. It Read more about Understanding Tithing (Part 1)[…]